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How to register an account on Accounts Payable

See how to register your bills!


What is accounts payable and how does it work?

Accounts payable is a Nex feature designed to facilitate your financial organization, allowing you to register bills that must be paid and keeping a history of payment transactions carried out by your establishment. With it, it is possible to have greater control, making it easier to check if a certain account is about to expire or if it has already been paid.

Shall we learn how to register an account payable?

1. Go to the Accounts Payable screen.

2. Click the ADD (+) icon.

3. Fill in the AMOUNT field, informing the value of the account.

4. Enter the REFERENCE NUMBER of the bill.

‍5. Enter the EXPIRATION of the bill by clicking on the ARROW on the right side of the field.

6. If necessary, fill in the REFERRING TO field to describe the bill.

7. If it is a payment in installments, you can check the REPEAT option and inform the number of months that this entry will be repeated.

8. If necessary, complete the remaining information.

9. Check the document information and click SAVE - F2.

10. If necessary, you can EDIT, COPY THE CODE or DELETE an account by clicking on the three dots icon besides the account.

Done! Now the account payable is already registered, making it easier to control your finances!

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