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How to create and edit user passwords

See how to create or change the password of a user registered in Nex.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • See here how to create an user on Nex.

Shall we learn how to create or edit a user's password?

1. Open Nex and click on USER INITIAL in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Click on MANAGE USERS.

3. Select the USER you want to create a password for and click EDIT.

4. If this is the user's first password, click on CREATE PASSWORD. If this user already has a registered password, click on CHANGE PASSWORD.

5. Enter the NEW PASSWORD in the second and third fields. The password needs to match exactly in these two fields. In addition, it must have a maximum of 10 characters, with only letters and numbers.

The Nex password is sensitive, that is, the program recognizes the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. It is necessary to enter exactly the same password.

6. Click on CREATE PASSWORD to save the registered password.

7. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! The new password is registered for the user. The next time you access Nex, you will be required to enter a password.

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