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How to import data from a spreadsheet to Nex

See the requirements and how to import products, customers or supplier information into Nex.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • It is possible to import .csv ( (separated by comma sheet) and .txt (notepad) files into Nex. In addition, the Nex Team can only import customer, supplier and product data.
  • Generally, the Excel spreadsheet is saved in .xls format. To convert to .csv, click on SAVE AS and select the correct file format - CSV (comma separated).
  • When importing data through a spreadsheet or notepad, Nex will add the information to the existing database, that is, the new data will not replace the old ones. If any product or customer in the spreadsheet is already registered in Nex, the registration will be duplicated. Therefore, it is important to create a backup (backup copy) before starting the procedure.
  • Nex recognizes the currency of the CSV file as currency as long as the Windows configuration matches the currency registered in your Nex. If the Windows currency configuration is different from the currency on Nex, it may not recognizes this setting, in which case the ideal is to change the Windows configuration or place the price values in number format, without a currency symbol, and without a thousands separator.

Shall we learn how to import data from a spreadsheet to Nex?

1. Open NEX SERVER (icon with the little red house).

2. Click on DATABASE tab.

3. Click on IMPORT DATA menu.

4. Click on IMPORT DATA.

5. Click on the FOLDER icon to search for the file with the information to be imported.

6. Locate and select the .csv or .txt file you want to import and click OPEN.

7. Select the option under the type of data you want to import and click on NEXT.

8. For the data you want to import, check the option in the IMPORT? column of each item and Enter the DESTINATION FIELD of each item.

9. Click on NEXT.

For example, for the source field “Name”, the destination field must be “Description”. For the source field “Sales value”, the target field must be “Sales price”.

10. Select the OPTIONS you deem relevant for the import and then click on NEXT.

10. Click on OK and a backup will be created.

11. Click on OK and the import process will start.

12. Click on OK to finish.

13. Finally, it is necessary to configure the system so that it can correctly count the stock.

On STOCK menu, click on the ARROW icon button, go to TOOLS, then select the option REPROCESS STOCK.

Done! The sheet with the date has been imported into Nex!

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