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Importing data

See how to import data into your program from an xls file.

The Nex program allows you to import customer, product and supplier data into the system. To do that, you need to have the file saved in .CSV format (separated by comma), and follow the steps:

1. Open the Nex server, and in the database tab, click the import data button on the left side tab.

2. Click import data to find the file inside your computer.

3. A window will open. In the File field, click the folder icon, select the file from inside your computer.

4. Select the type of the information you will import and click Next.

5. In the field map tab, check in the source field which destination field to enter. Be sure to check the import column box for each item. Click Next.

6. In the import tab, select the option that corresponds to how you want this import to be performed. You can leave them all blank.

7. Done! When you click next for the last time, the program will back up your data, and after the backup, your import will be completed.

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