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Creating a Backup

Make daily backups in just a few clicks and keep your information secure and your business running.

Creating copy of your data is super simple and can be done just with a few clicks, so let’s get started!

1. First step, let’s find your NEX SERVER.

When it’s active and running you can find it inside the systray(system tray), located on the lower right corner, next to your clock and language settings of Windows. Your systray is an area where groups several applications for easy access and settings modifications.

2. Now that we found it, let’s click on it to open on your main screen, then press tab 1.Database, select the Copy(Backup) button and click on Create Backup.

3. To finish, press Ok once the Backup is successfully created!

All done. Your backup is safely stored inside your Destination folder.

Important: We recommend doing the backup procedure every day and also exporting a copy of the Compacted Backup you did to an external storage, like an USB, External HD or even a Cloud Drive, to safely keep it out of the computer in case you lose or affect your data caused by a computer problem in the future.

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