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Why is Nex slow on terminal PCs?

In this tutorial we will explain the reasons why Nex works slowly when the network is made up of Wi-Fi and possible solutions.


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Why, if I have a good internet speed, does Nex work slow?

Internet speed is not equal to the speed of data packet transmission between the router and the PCs. There is a transmission speed formed by the router and the network cards of each PC.

As the Nex system works locally, all the data is saved on your Nex server on drive C: that information passes through the router and from the router to the other PC, the terminal. The route that the data packets take does not depend on the speed of the Internet, but on the speed of data transmission from the router to the network cards of the PCs.

To improve this broadband, it is necessary that the PCs have network cards with a minimum of 300 mbps, as well as the router, if the connection is below 300 mbps you will feel slow in the terminals. IMPORTANT to also highlight which appliances or electronic tools can also affect the Wi-Fi signal in cases of being close to the router or PCs, which is why we always recommend a local technician with knowledge of networks to advise you on the placement of devices.

How do we solve it?

It is recommended to use a network cable connection with an RJ45 plug, since the transmission speed remains stable and with a continuous connection.

You can also buy a high-end router, but we repeat, a local technician with knowledge of networks is necessary to advise you on the purchase of both the router and the Wireless cards for your computers.

Network cards for towers with input for RJ45 cable and for WIFI connection

Gigabit Network Card 10/100/1000 mbps
WiFi 11n 300Mbps Low Profile PCI-e

Wireless cards for notebooks or laptops

WiFi Speed: 2.4GHz 300Mbps & 5GHz 867Mbps

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