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How to fix database errors

Here's how to perform a database correction on your Nex to resolve simple system issues. Before performing the fix procedure Nex automatically backs up your database.

Why fix the database?

The structure of the Nex database is very susceptible, so it is common for files to be corrupted when the Nex Server has its normal operation interrupted by some external factor. This can happen when there is a power outage, when the Nex Server is finished incorrectly, when the computer is turned off incorrectly, when there is a problem with a virus or a problem with the HD, an error in Windows, among others. Some of these errors are error 2, error 522, error 500 or error 501. Correction in the database is a procedure performed to normalize the functioning of the system.

Shall we learn how to fix the database?

1. Open NEX SERVIDOR by double-clicking the icon next to the Windows clock, in the lower right corner of the screen, or by double-clicking the Program's icon on your desktop.

2. Click on the DATABASE tab and then click on the FIX DATABASE option.


When performing this operation, a backup of your current database will be made.

4. Click YES to start fixing the database.

5. Wait for the process to finish and click OK when the correction is completed successfully.

Done! Verify that the error is corrected and that Nex is working properly. If fixing the database does not solve the problem, please contact our support team by clicking here.

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