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Clearing all data (reset)

Learn how to reset some or all of your store data in Nextar POS Software

Some customers prefer to reset their database (or part of it) after the trial period ends, or once the data has become obsolete. Resetting your Nextar POS Software is simple and easy.

First, open your NexServ - Nextar POS Server by clicking the red icon located on your desktop.

Next, go to the "1. Database" tab.

Then click the "Clear" icon.

Choose one out of the four options and choose what you want to remove. When you are ready, click "Delete Database Information" button.

Two confirmation messages will pop up. Confirm each of them to proceed. A small tab showing progress will come up. Now, all you have to do is wait for the process to finish and press "OK".

Done. You are all set! Your data has been removed and your NexAdmin should be working normally.

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