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Clearing all data (reset)

Learn how to reset some or all of your store data in Nextar POS Software

Some customers prefer to reset their database (or part of it) after the trial period ends, or once the data has become obsolete. Resetting your Nextar POS Software is simple and easy.

First step, let’s find your NEX SERVER.

When it’s active and running you can find it inside the systray(systemtray), located on the lower right corner, next to your clock and language settings of Windows. Your systray is an area where groups several applications for easy access and settings modifications.

Let’s erase your data from NEX?

1. Double-click on your NEX SERVER to open it.

2. Select tab 1.Database and press Clear.

3. From the options available, checkmark what information you would like to erase from your data.

4. Press Yes to confirm and continue the process.

5. Press Yes, once more, to confirm the process.

6. Once the message “Data successfully deleted!” appears, press Ok to finish!

DoneYou are all set! The data has been erased and your Nex POS is ready to be used.

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