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How to open Nex Server

Learn how to run your Nex server and avoid any problem while starting the system.


  • The Nex Server (red house icon) must be open on your computer so that the Nex Admin (blue house icon) can access the system, as it is the Server that manages and stores data.

Shall we open Nex Server?

1. On your computer desktop, locate the NEX SERVER (red house icon) and double click to open it.

If a Windows permission window appears, click on YES.

2. If NEX SERVER is not on the desktop, you can open it directly from the program folder. By default, Nex Server is installed in the C\:Nex folder.

3. Check if Nex Server is MINIMIZED the bottom right corner, near the Windows clock.

Reminder: If Nex Admin cannot locate the server after performing this procedure, try restarting it. Additionally, you can make a backup and try to fix the database once. Learn more about database remediation.

Done! The Nex Server is open, you can now start the Nex Admin (blue house icon) and start using the program.

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