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Installing Multiple Terminals in your Network

Add extra terminals to your store, to run together with your primary NEX SERVER computer.

In order to run multiple terminals, you must have a dedicated computer running NexServ - Nextar POS Server at all times (you can also have a NexAdmin running on it). The other computers will be connected to it and will need to constantly communicate with the server to work in a Local Area Network (LAN). Before proceeding, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Nextar POS Software.

What’s the difference between your Server and Terminal computer?

Your Server computer is your primary NEX system, and you can only have one operating with multiple computers. It’s where all your database is saved and allows you to create backups and give access to the other terminal computers.

Your terminal computer doesn’t carry your database and works as your POS, everything registered and done from it, will be saved on your NEX SERVER database.

The connection between both computers is done by Local Area Network (LAN), either by Wi-Fi or Cable.

It’s very important to install the terminal computer without a Nex Server to avoid having database conflicts, and have your terminal reach the other Server by mistake, and cause you not to view any data at all.


Nex POS works with Local Area Network (LAN), either by Wi-Fi or
Ethernet Cable. But we recommend using the connection between them by ethernet cable. The Wi-Fi connection can suffer with interference from electronic devices in your own location or even from other neighbor
Wi-Fi signals, causing the system to slow down and affecting the connection between the computers. Since the connection between computers with NEX depends almost completely on the network connection, using ethernet cable will avoid this type of interference.

Let’s learn how to install a Terminal computer?

1. Download NEX POS on your terminal computer, just click here.

2. Click on the Nextar POS Software Installer (setup_nex_en.exe).

3. Press Next to continue.

4. Select to use Network mode, and REMOVE the checkmark for This computer is my server.

5. Please, read carefully the Service Terms for Nextar POS Software. If you agree, add the checkmark on “I Agree” and press Next to continue.

6. To complete the installation, press Finish.

7. Your Nex Admin will start searching for your Nex Server, so click on the Three dots icon to select the connection settings.

8. Select option 2. Find the server automatically and press Ok.

9. You can also select to enter your IP manually.

10. Find your IP using your Nex Server. Double-click on your Nex Server to open it.

11. Copy the IP and paste it in step 9.

Done. You are all set
! Now, all you have to do is enter your username and password.
the Multiple Terminals option is exclusive to PREMIUM users (learn more).

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