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How to install multiple terminals in your network

See requirements and recommendations for configuring your Nex for use on two or more computers.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • All computers must be connected to the same local network, that is, they must be using the same internet signal (wi-fi or network cable).

What’s the difference between your Server and Terminal computer?

The SERVER computer is the central computer, where the Nex database is located. Only one computer on your network can be the Server. It generates all database files, backups, etc.

The TERMINAL computer (POS or register) is a computer that does not have a Nex database. It works as a point of sale or register, and everything registered in it will be saved in the database of the server computer. The communication between the two computers is done by your LOCAL NETWORK, either by wi-fi or by network cable.

It is important that the terminal computer does not have a Nex Server installed. Otherwise, some kind of database conflict may occur, and the terminal will load the wrong server, appearing to have no information.


The Nex is networked both over Wi-Fi and over a network cable (ethernet cable). However, we highly recommend using the connection between them by ethernet cable. The connection via Wi-Fi may suffer interference from other electronic devices in your store and the Wi-Fi signal from neighbors, which impairs the signal and communication speed between computers. As the speed of the Nex over a network depends almost exclusively on the quality of your local network, using it via a network cable will avoid this type of interference.

Shall we learn how to install a Terminal computer?

1. Download Nex POS on your terminal computer, just click here.

2. Click on the Nextar POS Software Installer (setup_nex_en.exe).

3. Press Next to continue.

4. Select to use Network mode, and REMOVE the checkmark for This computer is my server.

5. Please, read carefully the Service Terms for Nextar POS Software. If you agree, add the checkmark on “I Agree” and press Next to continue.

6. To complete the installation, press Finish.

7. Your Nex Admin will start searching for your Nex Server, so click on the Three dots icon to select the connection settings.

8. Select option 2. Find the server automatically and press Ok.

9. You can also select to enter your IP manually.

10. Find your IP using your Nex Server. Double-click on your Nex Server to open it.

11. Copy the IP and paste it in step 9.

Done. You are all set
! Now, all you have to do is enter your username and password.
the Multiple Terminals option is exclusive to PREMIUM users (learn more).

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