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Manage Print Templates

See how to choose receipt and quotation templates that better fit your business

First lets configure sale and debt payment receipts. Lastly we will see the quotation templates.

Select the “Sales” menu in your NEXTAR Software on the left sidebad and click the gray gear at the top right side of the screen.

Check item #1.  At item #3 select your printer and then click item #4 “Sales Receipt Template/Layout” to set up the (sales) receipt. Use item #5. “Model / layout  of payment receipt” to configure the receipt. From here on the steps are the same for both cases.

First select your type of printer;  coil or plain paper, then choose your printer template. After making your selection, click "Next".

On the next screen enter the store info as requested. The fields will appear differently depending on the template you have chosen. Each template has unique fields;  there is no need to enter information again in these fields after they are completed the first time. The next screen is the preview of the data you have entered. Press "Finish!" to finalize the selection. You will then be ready to print.

Now let's set up the template for quotations. Access the quotation menu at the left sidebar.

First create a quotation. Next, after issuing the first quotation a screen will open that offers to send it to your email and to print. Click the option to choose the printer.

Click the item "Printer Template" to choose the template. As we saw at the beginning, select the template and click "Next", then Finish.

Click "Ok" and you are done. You can print now quotations with the chosen template.

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