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Payment Methods

See how to create, modify, remove and configure different payment methods that NEXTAR POS brings by default for you.

To create or remove payment methods, the first step is to simulate a sale. To do this, go to "Cash Sale" on the "Sales" menu.

Now you won’t need to select any product. Just click "Save" at the top left to open the payment screen directly.

Whenever there is a gray “gear” symbol on any screen, it means that there are settings or customization that you can do.

In this payment screen there is a gray gear. Select it to configure,  for example,  payment methods of your store. Click it and then begin the configuration.

In the Payment Options screen, on item 1. “Payment Methods",  four standard payment methods will appear. At the top you can remove any of them, or create a new one by clicking "Delete" or "New", respectively.

By clicking " New", a new blank field will appear.  Type the name of the desired payment method and also select the icon which you want assigned.

You can modify the name and icon of any payment  method,  simply by clicking on them and changing as desired.

After creating the new payment method, it is important to inform the software if it allows any monetary change. If so, the change can be saved as a credit to your customer's account. This setting can also be made on any of the existing payment methods.

Click "Ok" at the top left to finish the configuration and save the changes you made.

All set! From now on all payment methods that you created will appear at the next sale.


To bring up the new payment methods,  you will need to close the sale that you just opened to complete the setup . The new payment methods will appear only after you reopen on the payment methods list.

In some cases this feature may be known also as Forms of Payment

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