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Set debt limit

Choose whether your client will follow your store's standard limit or have a custom limit and choose which will these limits be.

See step-by-step with the following text and images:

1. On the main screen of your NexAdmin select the menu Customers.

2. Click the Edit button (icon in the form of a notepad).

3.   This will open the customer registration screen. Next, click Debts.

4. There will be three options on this screen:

  -   Follow default limit - Change default limit: This option you select so the customer follow the default limit for all other customers of the store, and you can define what this default limit is by clicking the Change default limit button on the side of the screen;

  -   Do not allow debts to this customer;

  -   This customer has a different limit - this option is for when you want this client to have a different debt limit, will only be this customer's limit. Just specify the limit in the next field.

5.   Now just save and it is ready to use.


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