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Working with Change

In this tutorial you will learn how easy it is to calculate the change automatically through the NEXTAR POS Software.

Working with change in Nextar Software is automatic and practical. In this tutorial we will start at the payment screen after a sale or debt payment, the procedure is the same for both.

At the payment screen, note the total amount of the sale.

Select the payment methods and inform the amount paid with each of them.

If you enter an amount less than the total, the NEXTAR Software will show how much is lacking to make full payment. Every time there is an amount missing, the NEXTAR Software will offer to leave the remaining amount in debt on the customer's account.

But, if the payment is greater than the total amount, the NEXTAR Software will show the remaining amount, the change. This is the amount you should give back to the customer when the sale is finalized.

Whenever there is change, the NEXTAR Software will offer to save the remaining as a credit on the customer's account.

Finally, click "Save" or press the F2  button to confirm and finalize the sale.  Next, you can give the change designated by the software to your customer.

Once the sale is finished you can see the amount of change given in the "Sales" menu. It will appear in the “Change” column.  Sometimes, depending on your computer's screen resolution,  you may need to scroll the window to the left to view the column with this information.

The change will also appear in register reports. In this example it appears in the report "Payment Method", after totalizing the current register or within a designated period through the "Register" menu on the left sidebar.

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