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Point of Sale (POS): Regular Sale

Learn how to make a basic sale where you select the products, receive payment, and finish the purchase all in one go.

The Point of Sale, for basic sales, is the most commonly used type of sale in stores. It is the regular sale, where the customer goes to the cash register with his chosen items and makes payment all at the same time.

To start a sale go to the sales menu in NEXTAR. Next, click “Point of Sale” at the top of the screen or just press F3.

The Sales Screen will open and you can start a regular sale. First select the purchased products. To increase the quantity press * before typing the product description. Then press enter again to add the product to the purchase list.

You can remove products by selecting the desired product and clicking the trash icon at the lower left corner of the screen.

If you choose to offer a discount,  just click "Discount" at the lower corner of the screen or press F3. Learn how to use discount options.

Enter the amount to be deducted or give a percentage discount off the sale.

You can also make an comment about this purchase. This field is normally used when the customer's request comes with an alteration or you want to describe something about the purchase or the discount given. It will show in the register’s history and on the receipt.

After you finish selecting the products, making discounts and comments, press F2 or click "Save" at the top of the screen.

You can also give discounts or even change previously given discounts at the payment screen. Click “Discount” or press F3.

Select the sale payment methods by clicking and inform the amounts.

Remember that the FREE NEXTAR Software user only has access to the Cash payment type. The other payment methods are exclusive for PRO and PREMIUM subscribers. (see more).

At this screen you can assign that the payment, or part of it, will be left in debt.

On the other hand if there is a change to be given back, you can save it as a credit on the customer's account to be used in a future purchase.

After confirming the values ​​for each payment form, click "Save" on the screen footer or press the F2 button.

All set! Your sale was successful. You can now move on to the next sale.


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