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Make a Debt Payment

Learn how to make a debt payment left by your client.

If your client left a sale in debt and now want to pay his account, the first step is to access the "Customers" menu on the left bar.

Then locate and select the customer. After click "On Account" at the top. Click "Pay Debt" .

Select which debt items will be paid at that time.

Determine whether full or partial amount will be payed. To make a partial payment simply click on the option and enter the amount to be paid. Then confirm the debt payment by clicking "Save - F2" at the top .

The payment screen will appear then just payment payment form and click Save (F2) as a normal product payment.

Note that the product registration it will already appear with the new value and no longer be shown as debt.

All set! The value entered the cash register successfully and your costumer's debt payment has been successfully performed .

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