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Parked Sales: Multiple Terminals

Learn how to work with multiple terminals simultaneously with the main register.

What is a Parked Sale?

It is a selling system where there is no payment at the first moment. The customer choose products, gives them to a clerk and goes back to choose more products at your store. This method is usually used when there is more than one service stand within the store and payment is done at the cash register at the end, when the customer has finished choosing the products he wants to buy. Everything sold as a "Parked Sale" (paused sale) will be on standby for the final payment.

How to perform parked sales?

To perform a parked sale, first you need to access the NexAdmin's "Sales" menu at the left sidebar. Then at the top of the screen click “Parked Sale”.

The next step is adding the purchased products. To increase the quantity press * before informing the product, then the quantity sold. Press enter and type the product code or name.

So then click "Save" at the top of the screen or press F2 to park this sale. This way the customer now will be able to go back looking for more products.

See the sold product, shown in the sales list of the current register, but notice that the payment has not been made. On the right side you can see the panel that shows how much the customer has yet to pay. At the top of the screen a new tab will have appeared: the "Parked Sales" tab, showing the quantity of sales that are pending. Click this tab to start the payment.

In the “Parked Sales” tab, locate the purchase and click on it . Use the "Pay/Confirm" option or press the F2 key to start the payment.

At the payment screen enter the amount being paid by each payment method.

Remember that the FREE NEXTAR user only has access to the Cash payment method. The other payment forms are exclusive for PRO and PREMIUM NEXTAR subscribers. (see more).

At this screen you can assign that the payment, or part of it, will be left in debt or save the change as credit on the customer's account.

After confirming  the values for each desired payment method, click "Save" on the screen footer or press the F2 button.

All set! Your sale was successful. You can now move on to the next sale.

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