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How to record a sale on debt (on credit/pending payment)

Learn how to record a sale registering the amount to be paid later on the customer's account, also known as sale on credit.


  • The debt register is available only on PREMIUM plan. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.
  • It is necessary to have a registered customer to leave a sale on debt. See here how to register customers in Nex.
  • In order to make a sale and leave part of the balance as debt, you first need to set the default debt limit.

Shall we register the payment of a sale as a debt to a customer?

1. On Sales screen, click on NEW SALE - F3.

2. Select the PRODUCTS and send them to the sale.

3. Click on CUSTOMER (F5).

4. Select the CUSTOMER and click on OK.

5. Click on SAVE (F2).

6. Enter an AMOUNT LESS THAN the total sale value.

If the customer leaves the total amount in debt, enter “0”. If he pays part of the sale, record the amount paid and leave the remaining amount as a debt.

7. Check the option LEAVE AS DEBT IN THE CUSTOMER'S ACCOUNT (F4) so that the rest of the amount is registered as a debt in the customer's registration.

8. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! The debt was recorded in the customer's account and payment can be made at another time.

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