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Setting the Change Limit

Learn how to set and increase change limits.

Limiting maximum change allowed is an important safety feature.

Start a sale and proceed to Payment screen

In order to do that, first, start a sale and proceed to the Payment Screen. There's no need to add products or select a customer.

Click on Save (F2), and Click on the gray gear located at the bottom-right corner of the window to access to "Payment Options".

Enter the change limit in "2. Max Change Allowed"

Enter the max amount of change a cashier will able to give to a customer, and click on Ok (F2) in order to confirm settings.

Warning Message During a Sale.

A message will pop up every time the change exceeds the maximum limit allowed. This way NEX notifies your cashier on screen.

Adjusting the change accordingly

If you receive this message and wish to modify the change limit, just click on "Increase Change Limit", enter the new amount and click on Ok. Nextar will automatically use the new amount set as default.

All set! You have successfully set a maximum change limit.

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