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How to sell fractional products

See how to sell products fractionated with Nex, the process is very practical.


  • It is necessary to have a product registered so that it can be sold in fractions. See here how to make this configuration.
  • This tutorial is to show how to sell the product in fractions. If you want to check how to make a sale, click here.

Let's do it together?

1. On the left side menu, click on the SALES tab and click on NEW SALE - POS or press the F3 key on your keyboard.

2. Select the product that will be sold fractionated and enter the QUANTITY before posting the product on the sale.

3. Click on SEND or press ENTER.

4. In the top left corner, click on SAVE(F2).

5. Complete the payment for the sale by selecting the PAYMENT METHOD and press SAVE (F2).

Done! Now you can sell products fractionated.

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