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Register the precision scale code in the product

After setting up your precision scale in the NEXTAR Software see how to properly register the code in the registration of the product.

After reading the label generated by the precision scale we need to properly register the product in the NEXTAR Software.

The first step is to access the Products menu on the left bar and edit or create a product.

Analyze the product code in your label generated by the precision scale as the example below.

Now the next step is to indicate on the product registration that it can be sold fractionally or you can sell it in parts such as 0.750 kg or 5.3 kg. You can also use the measure in grams if your balance operates this way.

Make sure that the price per kilogram of the product is correct as shown in the balance of the label.

All set! Save at the top left your product after finishing the registration or terminate the update of the same.

Next we will perform a test. Start a sale and with your barcode reader scan the code with the label generated by the scale. The product will appear with the complete code already launched with the amount which was measured by the balance the price already adjusted to this amount and you will be able to then launch the next product to be sold.

Once the sale is completed see that the product appears in the transactions list normally describing the sale in a fractional form.

All set! You can now make other sales in your store

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