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Printing Labels

Identify products using labels. Choose your label type and then print with label sheets or your label printer.

The software accepts the following label codes:

EAN13 (factory code with 13 digits)

• Code39 (letters and numbers in pairs of 4, 6 or 8 digits)

• INT 2_5 (Only numbers in pairs of 4, 6 or 8 digits). 

It is also possible to read the barcode generated by a precision scale. (know more)

NEXTAR POS Software provides a very interesting and practical feature, which is print labels through the software. This consists of selecting products from your product chart and then printing the labels with one of the many label options, like tag, gondola, adhesive and much more.

On the NEXTAR main screen click the "Products" menu on the left sidebar.

At the top of the screen click "Label". Then the label printing function will be enabled. Select a product to use as a first test to be sure the printer works. Double click on the desired product and then enter the label quantity for this item.

After selecting the product a tab will appear on the right side. Click "Print now" or press F5. The printing window will then appear. 

Select the printer and continue to choose the template on the window that will have appeared on the screen "Select your Printer". Then click the option to go to the templates manager where you will choose your label template.

If you already have a label, type in the search field, entering some information about it. It can be the code, dimension, brand, etc

If you do not have the required label, you can browse to see the options for buying later. See the images that exemplifies the label on the right side. Choose the label that best matches your needs, whether coil or sheet configuration. There are many popular label types available for purchase which are compatible with NEXTAR Software.

After selecting your label , click "Next" to preview and then confirm. If the selected label offers some extra settings,  like adding a logo or other information,  that will be requested before the preview. Then click "Finish".

All set! Now you just need to click "Print" and your labels will be printed automatically with the proper formatting. Repeat whenever you need to print new labels.

The next time it will not be necessary to choose the label or printer again, unless you want to select a different printer or choose a new label.

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