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Offering Discounts

Learn how to quickly give discounts on sales and debt payments with this Tutorial.

Offering discounts to customers is a common practice for businesses around the world. Discounts can be given as a way to facilitate change, boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, etc. Nextar POS Software offers a quick way to give discounts. Here's how to do it:

Giving Discount During Checkout

When making a sale, press F3 or click the "Discount (F3)" button located at the lower-left corner.

The Discount window will pop up. Enter the value or percentage for the discount and F2 to save to continue sale normally.

All set! A discount was successfully applied.

Discount Debt Payments

Discounts can also be applied to debt payments. Advance to the final Debt Payment screen. Press F3 or click the "Discount (F3)" button.

A discount window will pop up. Enter a value or percentage for the discount the and click "Save (F2)" to finalize and proceed with the payment.

All Set!

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