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Counting Change Automatically

See how easyit is to calculate the change on your sales and ensure that your clients always receive back the correct amount.

Counting change with Nextar POS Software is automatic and practical.
Our start point will be at the payment screen, which is after a sale or payment of debt, since the screen is the same for both.

The payment offers a few possibilities to use, so let’s learn more about them!

1. Inside the payment screen, you’re given the Total to Pay. Select the payment methods and the amount paid with each of them.

2. If you enter an amount lower than the total to pay, Nextar POS will show(in red) the unpaid balance. Every time there's an unpaid balance, you need to check mark to assign to debt and press Save (F2).

3. Next, press Select a Customer to use on the transaction.

4. Double-click on the customer of choice or select one and press Ok.

5. Next, press Ok once more to confirm the customer selected and press Save (F2).

6. Sale Completed Successfully! Now press Ok to end.

Working with Change

1. If the amount paid is greater than the total to pay, Nextar POS will show(in green) the Change automatically. This amount is the change you should give back to the customer.

2. You also have the possibility to save change as Store Credit, select the check mark to Save change as a credit on the customer's account and press Save (F2).
Next, press Select a Customer to use on the transaction.

3. Sale Completed Successfully! Now press Ok to end or Start New Sale (F3) to continue running your sales.

4. Once the sale is completed, you can check the sale details in the Sales menu. It will be displayed on the right side, under the payment details when you click on the button Open besides each sale.

The total change given with this register so far can also be checked in the Register report.

5. Access your Register button, make sure it’s selected Current Register tab, press See Total and, at last select Payment Method. The total change given till now will be listed along the Cash details.

All done! Now you know more about your Change features and the further possibilities of entering as Debt or Store Credit.

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