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How to work with change in Nex

See how easyit is to calculate the change on your sales and ensure that your clients always receive back the correct amount.


  • If you save the change as a credit to the customer's account, there is no need to return the change in cash.

Shall we learn how to calculate change at the moment of a sale payment?

1. On the payment screen for a sale, enter a VALUE GREATER than the total amount of the sale.

2. Nex will show the CHANGE amount to be returned to the customer automatically.

3. You can save the change as CREDIT FOR FUTURE PURCHASE, if the customer wants to leave the change amount to use in a new purchase at the store.

Credit control is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.

4. Click on SAVE - F2 to finish the sale.

Hos to check the change amount on Sales screen

1. On the SALES screen, drag to the side until you see the CHANGE column.

Done! Now you've learned how to calculate change for Nex. See here how to set the change limit.

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