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Counting Change Automatically

See how easy it is to calculate change automatically and ensure that your clients always receive back the correct amount.

Counting change with Nextar POS Software is automatic and practical. We are going to being this tutorial at the payment screen, after a sale or payment of debt. The procedure is the same for both.

At the payment screen, note the Total Sales Amount.

Select the payment methods and the amount paid with each of them.

If you enter an amount lower than the total due, Nextar POS Software will show (in red) the unpaid balance. Every time there's an unpaid balance, Nextar POS will give you the option to apply this balance to the customer's account.

If the amount paid is greater than the total due, Nextar POS Software will show (in green) the difference. This amount is the change you should give back to the customer.

You also have the option of saving the change as store credit to the customer's account

Click "Save" or press F2 to confirm and complete the sale.

Once the sale is completed, you can check the change amount in the "Sales" menu. It will be displayed under the Change column. You might need to scroll the window to the left in order to find the "Change" column depending on your computer's screen resolution.

The change will also be shown in the Register report. The example below shows the "Payment Method" report, which is created after calculating the total sales from the current Register or when selecting a sales period through the "Register" menu on the left sidebar.

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