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How to apply discounts on products

See how simple it is to edit and apply a discount to just one product in a transaction.


  • The discount per item is cumulative with the sale discount.
  • This procedure can be carried out in a sale, order or quote.

What is the item discount for?

When registering a sale, it may be necessary to apply discounts to just one item and not the entire sale. This procedure allows you to apply a discount on just one product, while the other goods in the transaction remain at the same price.

Shall we learn how to apply a discount to a single product?

1. In a Sale, click on the QUANTITY x VALUE of the item.

You can also SELECT the product and press the F10 key to edit. The procedure is the same when placing an order or quote.

2. Enter the discount value in reais in the DISCOUNT field or the discount percentage that will be applied in the PERCENTAGE field.

When you fill in one of the fields, the other will be filled in automatically.

‍3. If necessary, you can edit other information, such as changing the unit price, changing the quantity or adding a note to the product.

4. Confirm the FINAL TOTAL updated after the discount granted and click on SAVE - F2.

Done! Now your item will appear in your product list with the final price after discount.

Important: The sale discount is CUMULATIVE with the discount per item, with the item discount being applied first and then the sale discount. If you give 10% off the item and 10% off the total sale, the item will be reduced in value by 19%.


Item: R$ 100.00 - 10% = R$ 90.00.

Sale: R$90.00 - 10% = R$81.00.

Total discount = 19%

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