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Discount given to a Product

Learn how to give discount to any product from your sale.

1. Inside the Sales screen, click on QTY x Price or you can also click on the product and press F10.

This is the same process for an Order or Quotation.

2. You can click on the Unit Price to edit the initial price on sale. The discount is calculated using this price.

The product data needs to have the option active to
Allow price change during sale”.

3. You can edit the Quantity being sold on the transaction.

4. ‍Enter the Discount or the percentage to be applied.

Using one of the options available will automatically fill the other field.

5. Enter the complement / comments, if you need so.

6. Double-check the Total after the discount has been applied and press Save (F2) to confirm.

7. All done! The discount is now listed on screen so you can finish your transaction.

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