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Managing Print Templates

See how easy it is to choose an invoice, receipt and estimate template that best suits your business

First, let's configure the sales and debt payment receipts. Then, we'll look into Estimates Templates.

Go to the Sales menu, located on the left sidebar of your Nextar POS Software. After that, click the gray gear icon at the top-right corner.

Check item 1.Click on item 3 to select your printer and then go to item 4 Template in order to choose a (sales) receipt template. Check item 5 Print Debt Payment Receipt to set a printer and template. The steps are the same for both.

First, select your printer on item 3 (coil or plain paper), then choose your template. Once you have finished the steps, click "Next".

Next, customize the template by adding your store information. Fields may appear differently depending on the template you choose. Each template has its own set of fields, but there's no need to reenter your store information once you complete this step. The next screen shows a preview of your template. If you are happy with the results, just press "Finish!". You are now ready to print your customized receipts.

Now, let's configure the estimates template. Go to Estimates menu located on the left sidebar.

Now, a screen saying "Estimate successfully created!" will pop up. You may choose if you want to email or print this estimate. Check the "Print" option and select your printer.

Click on "Template" and choose one. Once you chose a template, click "Next", and then "Finish".

Now, hit "OK" and done. You have successfully created an Estimates Template.

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