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Managing Print Templates

See how easy it is to choose an invoice, receipt template that best suits your business

Let’s learn how to manage your templates settings?

1. Go on your left side taskbar, click on Sales and go to Options ⚙.

2. Enter the checkmark for option 1. Print Receipt.

Enter the checkmark for option 2. Print automatically so the receipt is printed after completing a sale.

3. On option 3. Printer, use the arrow to select the printer to use for your receipts.

Make sure the printer is properly installed so it will appear on the printer dropdown list.

4. On option 4. Template, use the arrow to select the template to use on your Sales Receipts.

5. Select the printer type if its Plain Paper or Coil.

6. Select the Template to be used (a preview of the template will appear on the right side of the screen) and click on Next.

You can also request a personalized template, just click here and fill out the form. Your request will beanalyzed and replied back to you within 3 business days.
After this first contact, if approved yourtemplate can take up to 7 business day to be ready. Depending on the request and details to be personalized, can take longer or less than expected. It will all depend on how many our Development Team will have to work on.

7. Enter the company and template details if necessary and click on Next.

Each template has described all the fields available to use and you can double-check on the Template list.

8. After your template preview is confirmed, press Finish.

9. Now that everything’s ready, press Ok(F2) to end managing your print templates.

IMPORTANT: This same step by step is applied for option
5. Print Debt Payment Receipt
and 9. Print Order.

Done. All set! Now you can re-do the same process if you need to make any template changes.

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