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How to cancel a sale

See how simple and practical it is to cancel a sale made at the current cash register!


  • It is only possible to cancel transactions that are in the current cash register. If you want to cancel a sale from a previous cash register, you must first reopen that cash register. Click here to see how to cancel or edit a sale registered on a previous register.

Shall we learn how to cancel a sale?

1. On the Sales screen, access the SALES tab.

2. Identify the sale you want to cancel and click on OPEN - F2.

3. Click on CANCEL SALE.

4. Click on YES to confirm the operation.

Done! The sale was cancelled, moving cash and inventory on your Nex.

‍How to view canceled sales?

1. On the Sales screen, click on ALL SALES.


3. Canceled sales will appear with the information crossed out.

Done! Now you can view canceled sales. To stop them from appearing, you need to perform the same procedure again.

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