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How to create a sale with delivery details

See how to register a sale on Nex, selecting the products , registering the payment and the delivery address and fee.


  • This feature is available to all Nex users. Learn more about our program subscription plans.

Shall we register a sale with delivery details together?

1. Go to SALES screen.

2. Click on NEW SALE - F3.

3. If necessary, click on CUSTOMER (F5) to link a customer to this sale.

4. Find the customer by name, SELECT a registration and press OK.

Click here to learn how to register a customer.

4. Enter the NAME or CODE of the product to search for it and select the product.

5. Enter the product QUANTITY and click on SEND to add the product to the sale.

Perform this procedure to add all the products the customer is purchasing.

6. Click on SHIPPING (F9).

7. Select the CUSTOMER ADDRESS or click to register a NEW (F4) one. Click on NEXT.

8. Select the CARRIER or TRANSPORTER and click on NEXT.

9. Enter the DELIVERY FEE and click on FINISH!

10. Click on SAVE (F2).

11. Select the PAYMENT METHOD used by the customer and click on F2 FINISH.

Sales control through payment methods is available to Nex subscribers. Find out more about our program's subscription plans.

12. Click on OK.

Done! Your sale was successful and you can now move on to the next sale.

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