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Making Sales (POS)

Learn how to make a standard sale in which you select the products, receive a payment and finish the sale, all in one go.

The Point of Sale is the most common way to make sales in stores. It is the type of sale where the customer goes to the cashier with products and pays for them on the spot.

Let’s learn how to make a Sale?

1. Go to Sales on your left side menu and click on New Sale - POS(F3).

2. Press Customer (F5) to add a customer to the transaction. If it’s just a random sale (in and out) just skip this step. Search by the customer’s name and press Ok to confirm.

3. Select the product and press enter. Next, add the quantity and press Send to add it on the sales list.

You can search the product using the description or the code, and it’s also possible to use the arrow to select them from the dropdown of your saved products.

4. Press Save (F2) to advance to the payment methods. Enter the amount paid in each payment method.

If you select a payment method and press INSERT, you can duplicate any payment method to use more than one in case you have more than one person paying for the same bill or making separated payments on different cards of the same kind.

5. You can add comments (notes) to the transaction if necessary.

If you’re a Premium subscriber, you can save the change as store credit (learn more) or even enter the full or partial amount to Debt on a customer account (learn more).

6. Press Save (F2) after entering the paid amount on each method.

7. All set! Press Ok to end your sale.

Done! The sale was registered in your NEX system. You can now focus on making more sales or learning other features.

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