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Making Sales (POS)

Learn how to make a standard sale in which you select the products, receive a payment and finish the sale, all in one go.

The Point of Sale is the most common way to make sales in stores. It is the type of sale where the customer goes to the cashier with products and pays for them on the spot.

In order to start a sale click on the Sales menu in your Nextar POS Software. Next, click on "Point of Sale" at the top of the screen or just press F3.

The Sales Screen will open so you can make the sale. Select the products you are about to sell. You can update the quantity by entering a number and pressing * before searching for the product. Then press Enter again to add the product to the list of purchases.

Remove products by selecting a product and clicking the Trash icon at the lower left corner of the screen.

If you wish to give a discount on a product, click "Discount" at the lower left corner of the screen or press F3. Learn how to use the Discount feature.

Enter the sum or percentage to be deducted from the price of the product.

You can also type in a comment giving further details about the purchase. This field will come in handy when a customer makes specific requests or when you wish to describe something related to the discount given. This comment will be displayed in the

After you have finished selecting the products, giving discounts and typing comments, press F2 or click "Save" at the top of the screen.

You may also give discounts or edit and update previously given discounts from the Payment Screen. Click “Discount” or press F3.

Select a payment method by clicking and enter the amount.

Keep in mind that if you are currently using our FREE plan, the only payment method displayed is Cash. Different payment methods such as Credit and Debit cards are only available to PRO and PREMIUM users. (learn more)

You could also assign

If the amount paid by the customer is larger than the total, Nextar POS Software will display the change in green. You may also give your customers the option to save the change as store credit.

After confirming everything, click "Save" on the bottom of the screen or press the F2 button.

Done. You are all set! You have completed a sale successfully. You can now focus on making more sales.


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