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How to install POS-58 or POS-80 printer

See how to install the POS-58 or POS-80 printer driver on Windows.


  • You must subscribe to one of the NEX Program plans to use a coil printer. Learn more about our plans.
  • The printer driver must be installed in Windows for it to work correctly, as just connecting the printer cable to the computer is not enough for it to start printing. The POS-58 or POS-80 printer driver can be downloaded by clicking here. The driver available on this link is the same as found on the manufacturer's official website.
  • If the printer is already installed in Windows, click here to check how to configure it for use with your Nex.
  • For the POS-58 printer, a 58mm print template should be used.
  • For the POS-80 printer, an 80mm printing template should be used.

How to Install the POS-58 or POS-80 Printer Driver

1. Download the POS-58 or POS-80 printer driver by clicking here.

2. Open the downloaded item and run the installation file.

3. Press OK.

4. Press NEXT.

5. Check the option I ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT and then click NEXT.

6. Select your printer installation folder and click on NEXT.

7. Click on INSTALL and wait for the installation process.

8. Click on SELECT PRINTER and select the printer you want to install: POS-58 or POS-80.

9. Click on PORTS and select the port the printer cable is connected to on the computer.

Usually the POS-58 is connected to a USB port. If necessary, it is possible to change the port configuration in the driver after installation.

10. Click on BEGIN SETUP.

If a Windows message appears, click on Install the software.

11. Press CLOSE.

Done! The POS-58 or POS-80 printer has been installed in Windows. Now you can send a Windows test print from the POS-58 or POS-80 driver. You can see how to do it clicking here.

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