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Printing Labels

Identify products using labels. Select a label and use it on your regular or label printer.

Nextar POS Software currently accepts the following label codes:

You can also read barcodes generated by a precision scale.
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Let’s learn how to print labels from NEX?

Nextar POS Software a built-in label printing feature designed to speed up the inventorying process and boost productivity. Select products from your inventory list and print labels in bulk.

1. Go to the "Products" menu located on the left sidebar of your Nextar POS.

2. Click on the Select button to add each product to the Print List.

3. You can set the quantity to be printed using the arrows besides each product of the Print List.

3.1 You can also set the quantities automatically through the options menu on the blue arrow.

4. You can remove a product from the Print List by clicking on the trash can icon besides each product.

5. Click on Print to print the labels.

6. Click on the arrows and select your Printer and Label Template to be used.

5. Select the printer type if its Plain Paper or Coil.

If your printer is Coil, make sure to select the template that matches your printer and paper specifications.

6. Select the Template to be used (a preview of the template will appear on the right side of the screen) and click on Next.
If you already have label sheets or label coil paper, check if it matches the size specifications which are listed below on each Template.

You can also request a personalized template, just click here, and fill out the form. Your request will be analyzed and replied to you within 3 business days.
After this first contact, if approved your template can take up to 7 business day to be ready. Depending on the request and details to be personalized, can take longer or less than expected. It will all depend on how many our Development Team will have to work on.

7. Enter the template details if it’s available and necessary and click on Next. If your template doesn’t have any details to inform, it will go directly to your preview page, and in this case, you can advance to step 8.

8. After your template preview is confirmed, press Finish.

9. Now to finish and print your labels, press Print.

Done. You are all set! Now, whenever you hit "Print", your labels will be printed automatically.
Redo this process whenever you need to change your label printing configurations.

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