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Reading Labels Generated by the Precision Scale

To use the precision scale you need to set it in the Nextar POS Software. Learn how in this tutorial.

To use the precision scale we need to go through two steps: configuration and also the Product Registration Code. In this tutorial we will see how to set up quickly.

The first step is to access the Sales menu on the left bar of NEXTAR Software. Then access the settings by clicking the icon that resembles a grey gear at the top right of the screen.

Scroll to option 17 and checkmark this option:

If necessary, you can select the option 18 in order to generate TXITENS export file for external integration with the scales.

In option 19 add the initial digit the first from left to right on the bar code generated by the precision scale.

See how many digits your code has on its label and add in option 20.

Identify on your label the products' code and in what digit begins and ends, placing them in option. 21. As the example listed below, it begins in second and ends in the sixth digit.

Now review on your label the remaining digits to identify the weight/value of the product (option 22). In this example begins at the seventh digit and ends at the eleventh.

Identify if your barcode shows the value or weight. In this example, the value is shown.

After finishing the settings, you can set the weight accuracy.

Click on Ok or press F2 on your keyboard to save it.

All set! Program settings finished successfully.

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