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How to read labels generated by the scale

Some scales print labels and to read labels by Nex, you need to configure your system. See how in this tutorial.


  • The scale has its own product register and it is important that the products use the same code, both in the scale register and in the Nex register. See here how to perform this configuration.
  • A barcode reader is required. Learn more about using a barcode scanner.
  • There are two types of bar codes generated by scales. These codes can be generated based on WEIGHT or PRICE. To identify which type of code is configured on your scale, just print a label and compare the bar code, weight and value of the weighed product. In the following example, we will use a barcode based on PRICE.

Shall we learn how to configure the reading of labels from a scale?

1. On the Sales screen, click on the GEAR icon in the upper right corner.


‍3. In the INITIAL DIGIT option, inform the initial digit of the barcode generated by the scale.

4. In the option TOTAL NUMBER OF DIGITS, inform the number of digits of the barcode generated by the scale.

5. In the option HOW TO IDENTIFY THE PRODUCT CODE, inform in which digit the bar code generated by the scale starts and ends.

6. In the option HOW TO IDENTIFY WEIGHT OR PRICE we will configure which digits of the bar code are responsible for the information of the WEIGHT or PRICE of the product. We will inform you in which digit this information starts and up to which digit this information goes. We also need to inform if the barcode generated by the scale contains the WEIGHT or PRICE of the product, in addition to the number of DECIMAL PLACES used by the scale.

To make it easier: these are the remaining digits of the label, with the exception of the last digit of the Barcode.

‍7. Click OK - F2.

Done! Configuration completed successfully.

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