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How to print a test from the printer on Windows

Here's how to send a Windows test print directly from the printer driver.


  • The Windows print test is used to find out if the printer is working with commands sent by Windows itself. If it is operating and printing normally with the installation driver, it will also work with Nex.
  • It is necessary to install the printer driver in Windows for it to work correctly, as just connecting the printer cable to the computer is not enough for it to start printing.
  • It is possible that the printer is correctly installed in the operating system, but has the wrong input port. Click here to check how to change the input port in the printer driver.
  • If the printer is already installed and working in Windows, click here to check how to configure it for use in Nex.

Shall we send a print test from Windows?

1. Open the CONTROL PANEL.


3. Right-click your printer icon and then select the PRINTER PROPERTIES option.

4. Click on PRINT TEST PAGE.

Done! If the printer is turned on, installed and configured correctly, Windows will send a command to print a test page.

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