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How to integrate scale with Nex (weight reading)

See how to integrate your scale directly into the Nex to use it at the time of sale, automatically reading the weight of the product.


  • This feature is available on PREMIUM and FISCAL plans. Learn more about the plans by clicking here.
  • It may be necessary to have the cable recommended by the scale's instruction manual.
  • It is only possible to integrate scales from brands Approved by Nex: Filizola, Toledo, Elgin, Urano, TRIUNFO.

For the use of scales from other brands, call our support via chat so that we can collect information and test the possibility of approval.

How does this integration work?

The Nex integration only works for the automatic reading of the weight of the product by the scale at the time of sale. Other operations carried out by scales still do not have integration with NEX. Any questions, we are available to help.

If your scale does not have this functionality and only prints labels, see here how to configure the reading of the label generated by the scale.

Shall we configure the scale on the Nex?

1. On SALES screen, click on the GEAR icon in the upper right corner.


3. Click on the ARROW on option 33. PRECISION SCALE and select your scale brand.

4. Click on the ARROW of option 34. SERIAL PORT and select the serial port to which your balance is connected on your computer.

If you have questions about the SERIAL PORT, our technical support can try to help you! Call us for support via chat through the Nex by clicking on the F8 key or by clicking here.

Using Automatic Weight Reading on the Nex


It is necessary that the products that will be weighed have the BY WEIGHT, LENGHT, ETC option enabled, just to the right of the UNIT field, within the product register, as shown in the following image.

1. When making a SALE, select the desired product and in the QUANTITY field, press the F1 key on your keyboard.

2. The product will be released for sale with the weight read by the scale.

Done! Now just continue to carry out the sale as normal.

Note: If you have any problems configuring the scale, our technical support can try to help, but as the scale is third-party physical equipment, it may be necessary to ask for assistance from the manufacturer or a local technician.

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