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How to register precision scale codes into the system

See how to use a scale that prints labels on the Nex.


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  • In order to read the label printed by the scale, it is necessary to configure it on the Nex. See here how to perform this configuration.

Shall we learn how to configure the scale code on the product?

1. On the Products screen, access the Items ab, identify the PRODUCT you want to configure and click EDIT - F2.

See here how to register a product on Nex.

2. Enter the code that appears on the label printed on the scale in the CODE field of the product registration.

See here the digits of the bar code generated by the scale that identify the product code.

3. Check the BY WEIGHT, LENGHT, ETC option next to the Unit field.

Confirm that the MEASUREMENT UNIT of the product is compatible with the one used on the scale.

4. Check that the SALE PRICE is correct and adequate with the MEASUREMENT UNIT of the product and the price registered on the scale.

5. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! Now the product is configured according to the scale code, allowing the barcode to be read.

Shall we test the label reading on a sale?

1. At the time of sale, scan the BARCODE on the label generated by the scale.

If you experience any problems during the test, you can call us at support so that we can try to help. Click here to open a new support chat.

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