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‍How to open the cash drawer on Nex

See how to configure your computer so that your cash drawer opens automatically or with a shortcut on your keyboard.


  • The cash drawer communicates directly with your printer, i.e. this process does not go through Nex. Every document sent to your printer generates a command to open the cash drawer. Then, on every impression made, the drawer will open.
  • For this reason, it is important that your printer has this feature available with an RJ11 port, similar to a telephone.
RJ11 input on printers: Epson TM-T20, Bematech MP4200 TH and Elgin i9, respectively.

1. After connecting the drawer to your printer, through the RJ11 input, it is necessary to configure the option to open the drawer in the printer driver itself. In the printer driver, you can choose to open before or after printing. This way, whenever Nex sends a print command, your printer will open the drawer.

Bematech MP4200-TH printer settings panel.

2. As this procedure is done outside Nex it is recommended to seek assistance from the technical support of your printer supplier, so that they can assist you in case of any doubts. If necessary, we are available to try to assist you with the configuration of the drawer on your printer.

Let's set up to open the cash drawer without making a sale and printing a receipt?

1. Click on the SALES on the left side menu, and click on the GEAR icon in the upper right corner to open the settings.


3. In OPTION 30. click on the ARROW to select the printer to which the drawer will be connected.

4. Click on OK(F2) in the upper left corner to save the settings.

That's it! Now you can open the drawer without making a sale. To do this, just press the ALT + F11 keys at the same time. It is possible that a small amount of paper will be printed when the drawer is opened this way.

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