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Using a Cash Drawer

Learn how to set up your cash drawer to open automatically.

If you already have a cash drawer or is thinking about purchasing one, see how simple it is to pair it with Nextar POS Software.

Nextar POS does not communicate directly with the cash drawer. The entire operation is done by the printer. With that in mind, check to make sure your printer has this feature before proceeding with this tutorial. In the example below, we used the printers Epson TM-T20, Bematech MP4200 TH and Elgin i9:

After having properly connected your cash drawer to your printer, open your printer setup window and configure it to open the drawer before or after a receipt is printed. This is done so that when you print a receipt on Nextar POS, a command is sent to open the drawer.

The example below shows the printer setup window of a Bematech MP4200 TH. Nextar POS Software does not offer this type of tech support. So, if you have any questions please contact your tech support specialist.

Elgin, Epson and Bematech Support!

Let's set up to open the cash drawer without making a Sale?

1. Click on the SALES on the left side menu, and click on the GEAR icon in the upper right corner to open the settings.


3. In OPTION 30. click on the ARROW to select the printer to which the drawer will be connected.

4. Click on OK(F2) in the upper left corner to save the settings.

You must be an Nex Administrator User to save the configurations.

That's it! Now you can open the drawer without making a sale. To do this, just press the ALT + F11 keys at the same time. It is possible that a small amount of paper will be printed when the drawer is opened this way.

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