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How to change input port in printer driver

See how to change the input port in the printer driver, configuring it correctly in Windows


  • If you change the computer's physical input port, where the printer cable is connected, it is necessary to change the port setting in the driver. Windows does not make this switch automatically.
  • The ideal is to always keep the printer connected to the same physical input port, avoiding the need to change settings in the installation driver.
  • It is necessary to install the printer driver in Windows for it to work correctly, as just connecting the printer cable to the computer is not enough for it to start printing.
  • To test if it's set up and working, you can send a test print from the printer driver itself, see how to do it here.
  • If the printer is already installed and working in Windows, click here to check how to configure it for use in Nex.
  • See how to install a POS-58 or a POS-80 printer on your computer by clicking here.

Shall we change the printer's input port together?

1. Open the CONTROL PANEL.


3. Right-click your printer icon and then select the PRINTER PROPERTIES option.

4. Click on PORTS.

5. Select the PORT your printer is connected to and click APPLY.

Printers are usually connected to a COM or USB port. If you don't know which port your printer is connected to, you can test one by one by changing the selected port and sending a test print.

6. Click OK when you find the correct port to finish the configuration. Done!! The input port setting has been changed in the printer driver.

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