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Using your Printer

Use your inkjet, laser or POS printer to print receipts, quotations and price tags.


  • Not all printers are compatible with Nex, if you have questions about the compatibility of your printer, contact us.
  • See how to install a POS-58 or a POS-80 in your computer by clicking here.

Nextar POS comes with a wide selection of receipt templates as well as product tags. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use your coil/thermal printer:

Our software does not communicate directly with the printer but with Windows' spooler service. Therefore, the prerequisite to get any printer to work with Nextar POS is to make sure that it is installed correctly, with all the necessary drivers, and working properly with softwares like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

Test your printer by opening Notepad on Windows (Click on Start or the Windows orb logo > Programs or All Programs > Accessories > Notepad), type something on the document and try to print it. If the document is successfully printed, chances are that you won't have any problems connecting your printer to Nextar POS.

Receipt Printers

Nextar POS has a variety of receipt templates in A4 format. They may be customized to include your store logo and information.

Thermal/Coil Printers

If you wish to use a coil/thermal printer we suggest you opt for a USB (Plug-n-Play) one, given that they tend to come with their own driver. If you choose to use the Generic Text driver, your choice of receipt templates will be limited to "Text-Only" models.

All receipt templates in your Nextar POS were created to meet certain printing requirements. So check your printer specifications before selecting a template. For example, many printers use 80mm paper but the printing area is of 74mm.

Label Printers

You can also use Nextar POS to print product tags and labels on your label printer, A4 paper or PIMACO models.

If you wish to use PIMACO tags and labels, make sure to check the list of accepted models. Opting to use an unlisted model could result in incorrect positioning on the label. The same thing goes for coil templates. If you have a paper layout of a different brand that is not on our list yet, please contact and make your request. We will analyze with our developers and, if possible, send the template back to you to ready to be used in your business.


Nextar POS offers a wide selection of templates that cater to most businesses needs. If you wish to modify an existing template, you can send us an email ( with your suggestion.

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