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How to use a barcode scanner

See how to make your store's day-to-day even more practical using a barcode scaner!

The Nex prints the label with the barcode. See here how to print barcode labels on Nex.

Which barcode scanner is right for the Nex?

The barcode reader can facilitate the registration of products in the system and also the search for the product when making a sale. In order for the reader to be used on Nex, it must be ready for use on the computer itself. There is no configuration to be done within the Nex. These are the necessary settings in the barcode scanner.

• USB connector.


• Thin laser beam.

• Ability to read type codes: EAN13 and INT 2_5.

We recommend that you use a scanner with a USB connection that does not depend on a driver for operation.

This type of reader is called PLUG AND PLAY, and it is only necessary to connect the scanner to the computer to start using it. It might be interesting to look for well-known brands, such as Elgin and Bematech, for example.

Before buying the scanner check if it reads the type of code you use in the system. Some scanner read certain amounts of characters. A scanner with the thinnest laser beam allows for greater accuracy in reading smaller labels.

Nex prints the following types of codes on its labels:

EAN13 (factory code with 13 digits);

• and INT 2_5 (numbers in even numbers of 4, 6 or 8 digits only).

Some scanners need a manual configuration to enable the reading of certain types of codes, this configuration is done with the reader itself and, generally, you can perform the configuration with the codes found within the instruction manual itself.

How to find the product by barcode?

The search for the product in Nex first uses the information in the CODE field, located within the product registration. The barcode must be registered in this field. You can use the barcode scanner to record this information. See here how to set up a product registration.

The EAN/GTIN code refers to an internationally recognized number for each product. These numbers follow standardized rules and the system only accepts the registration of this code according to the rules. This code is registered in the products you buy. See more information here.

Done! After registering the code in your product, just use the scanner when looking for the product for sale, quotation and even for stock entry.

Label Printing with Own Code

You can also create a label that uses the internal code of the product that you registered yourself. It is important that you always use 4, 6 or 8 digit numeric codes to make the label easier to read and print.

Learn more about label printing!

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