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How to register a repair shipment

See how quickly it is to create a shipment record for repair using Nex.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • This procedure should only be carried out when the supplier is going to repair the defective product. If the supplier exchanges products, a return must be registered to the supplier. Find out more about this return.

What is the repair shipment for?

It may happen that one or more products in your stock are defective and, in this case, you can use this operation to register the sending of a shipment to the supplier to repair the product. In this way, the stock issue is recorded in Nex, and this shipment can be returned after repair.

Shall we learn how to create a repair shipment?

1. On the STOCK screen, access the TRANSACTIONS tab.

2. Click on the SUBTRACTION (-) icon.

3. Select option SHIPMENT FOR REPAIR.


5. Select the SUPPLIER and click on OK.

6. Select the PRODUCTS that will be internally used or consumed on the store.

7. Enter the QUANTITY of the products.

8. Click on SEND to add the products to the output transaction list.

9. Check the information on the screen and click on SAVE (F2).

Done! The stock output of for use or consumption was registered successfully.

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