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How to register a demo shipment

Need to send your products to a fair or exhibition? See how easy it is to register a shipment for demonstration using Nex.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • Nex does not work with consigned sales, this operation is not suitable for this scenario.

What is the demonstration shipment for?

Demo shipping is a transaction that allows you to send products to trade shows and exhibitions. This stock output does not represent a sale, as your products will return to stock after the demonstration period.

Shall we learn how to make a shipment for demonstration?

1. On the STOCK screen, access the TRANSACTIONS tab.

2. Click on the SUBTRACTION (-) icon.

3. Select option SHIPMENT FOR DEMO.

4.Select the PRODUCTS that will be send to demonstration.

5. Enter the QUANTITY of the products.

6. Click on SEND to add the products to the output transaction list.

7. Check the information on the screen and click on SAVE (F2).

Done! The stock output of for use or consumption was registered successfully.

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