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How to link a supplier to the product

See how simple it is to link a supplier to your products and improve your stock organization.

Why link suppliers to products?

By linking suppliers to your products, you will increase your inventory management capabilities. It will be possible to filter your stock by supplier, generate sales statistics showing which supplier generates more profit for you, generate product quotes, among other possibilities.

Shall we to learn how to link a supplier in the product register?

1. On the Products screen, access the ITEMS tab.

2. Identify the PRODUCT you want to configure and click EDIT - F2.

3. Access the SUPPLIERS tab.

4. Click on the THREE DOTS (…) to select a supplier.

5. Select the desired SUPPLIER and click OK.

You can also click NEW - F5 to register a new supplier.

6. If desired, add a supplier reference code. This is the code your supplier uses for this product at the time of sale and can be used to help you when you buy this product again.

7. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! Now you've learned how to link a supplier in the product register and you'll have more possibilities for analyzing your stock.

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