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How to create a transaction of transfer between stores - Stock Output

See how to carry out a stock output transaction from a transfer between stores in Nex.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.

Why use the transfer between stores feature?

The transfer transaction between stores helps to transfer a product from one store to another, making it possible to sell this product in another store. Nex registers, in this first procedure, an exit of the products from the stock, being necessary a second operation in the other store to register the entry of the product in the stock.

The transfer between stores for subscribers of the PREMIUM Plan generates a file (.JSON extension) with the information of the products being transferred. You can find the .JSON file on Nex folder, inside "transf" folder. It is necessary to copy this file and transfer it to the other store's computer.

Shall we learn how to carry out a transfer transfer between stores?

1. On the Stock screen, access the TRANSACTIONS tab.

2. Click on the SUBTRACTION (-) icon.

3. Select option 2. TRANSFER BETWEEN STORES.

4. Select the STORE to which the products will be transferred.

It is necessary to register a customer with the information of the store that will receive the transfer. If there is an email registered, the invoice will be sent by email.

5. Select the STORE and click on OK.

You can register the Stores with the Customers and Suppliers. It is also possible to click on NEW (F5) to add a new Store on this screen.

6. Select the PRODUCTS that will be transferred to the chosen store.

7. Check the information on the screen and click on FINISH (F2).

Done! The stock issue of the transfer between stores has been carried out.

If you are a Premium Plan subscriber, a .JSON file is generated to enter the second store. This file can be found in the TRANSF folder, which is inside the Nex folder.

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