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Prices Readjustment

In this tutorial you will learn how to massively alter the cost and sale prices of all the products registered in the stock that do not have the markup option activated on its register.

Important: This resource is available from version C473 of NEX, click here to see the tutorial on how to update your NEX.

Let’s change the cost and sale price of your products in your NEX.

In the products menu, go to the Price adjustment tab and click on New.

At the new window, a list will show your registered products that do not have the automatic price option activated (Markup), you will see in the upper left corner the buttons with the tools and the columns with the information of the products.

It is also possible to apply filters in the Description, Category, Brand and Supplier columns, for a greater visualization of the products when modifying the prices.

The Cost andSale columns contain the current prices of your products and are editable.

Make the changes you need in the Cost and Sale columns.

Once the changes have been made, you can click on the “X” symbol in the upper right corner of the program to close the window and save the changes in the document without altering the current prices of your products.

If you wantto apply the price changes, you must click in Finish.

Confirm the changes by clicking in Yes.

You will see that the window will show a percentage bar that indicates the process of the change.

Once finished, the window will close automatically and you will see that a document was added to the Price Readjustment tab, with the number, date and time it was created, the user who created it and the Finished box checked, indicating that this readjustment has already been applied to the products.

All done! You have adjusted the cost and sale prices of your products in NEX massively.

If none of the Done and Canceled boxes are checked, it means that the changes were not applied. And you can delete, edit or export the adjustment documents that appear in that section.

If there adjustment was applied and/or concluded, it cannot be deleted.

How to undo the price readjustment?

Select the document you want to undo and click Edit.

The new window with your list of products will be opened again, and you will see that you willhave two new columns showing the previous cost and sale price of each product. Click Cancel Adjustments to revert the changes previously made.

Confirm the changes by clicking in Yes.

You will see a bar that will show you the process of the changes and at the end it will close the window. You will see that the readjustment document now has the Canceled box checked, and the cancellation information.

All done! You cancelled the prices readjustment previously made.

It is important to keep in mind that you can make price changes and undo them only once, if you want to make other adjustments you must create another document.

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