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How to record a purchase transaction (stock purchase)

Understand the importance of registering your purchases and the means to do so through Nex.


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How important is it to record your purchases on Nex and how will this make your routine easier?

The Purchase record is a feature that makes it easy to organize your business and inventory. Through this functionality it is possible to enter the stock of the products that were purchased from your supplier, keeping the stock of your products updated and allowing you to generate purchase and profit reports.

Manual entry: Manual entry is a very convenient way to enter a purchase. In this type of entry, it is possible to manually inform the products that will go into stock, their quantities and the cost price, which will be updated in the product record at the end of the transaction. You must also inform the supplier of the purchased products.

Shall we learn how to record a stock purchase?

1. Enter the STOCK menu.

2. Click on the STOCK TRANSACTIONS tab.

3. Click on the blue ADD icon with the + symbol and then select option 2. PURCHASE.

4. The Nex will open a new window, where it is necessary to click on SELECT A SUPPLIER (F5) to select one among those registered.

5. Select the SUPPLIER and click on OK.

6. It is also possible to click on NEW - F5 to register a new provider.

7. Click on the ARROW icon to open the options and select the PRODUCTS.

It is possible to use the barcode reader to enter the products for purchase.

8. Enter the QUANTITY of each product purchased.

9. Enter the COST PRICE of each product purchased.

10. Click on SEND to register the product in the purchase register.

11. After entering all the products for the purchase, click on SAVE (F2).

12. In the Stock transactions tab, from the Stock menu, it is possible to see the RECORD of the completed purchase.

Done! The purchase was successfully registered in the Nex and the stock of the products was updated.

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