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How to create a transaction of transfer between stores - Stock Input

See how to carry out a stock input transaction from a transfer between stores in Nex.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.

Why use the transfer between stores feature?

The transfer transaction between stores serves to transfer a product from one store to another, making it possible to sell this product in another store. Nex registers, in the first procedure, an exit of the products from the stock, being necessary a second operation in the other store to register the entry of the product in the stock.

The transfer between stores for subscribers of the PREMIUM Plan generates a file (.JSON extension) with the information of the products being transferred. You can find the .JSON file on Nex folder, inside "transf" folder. It is necessary to copy this file and transfer it to the other store's computer.

Shall we learn how to carry out a transfer entry between stores?

1. Download the JSON file for inventory entry. The JSON file needs to be manually transferred to the second store's computer.

See here how to create a transfer between stores output transaction.

2. On the STOCK screen, click on STOCK TRANSACTIONS.

3. Click on the PLUS (+) icon.

4. Click on the option 3. TRANSFER BETWEEN STORES.

5. Click on MANUAL INPUT to register each product manually or click on READ FILE to select the .JSON file transferred from other store.

6. Click on SELECT FILE.

7. Select the JSON file and click on OPEN.

8. Click on SELECT AN ALREADY REGISTERED STORE and select the record of the store that supplied the products for the stock.

If the supplier store is not yet registered, click on REGISTER AS A NEW SUPPLIER.

9. Select the SUPPLIER of the products and click on OK.

10. Each product in the transfer between stores tool must be linked to a product on Nex of the second store. If this is the first time you are entering the product, you must indicate which product each item will be linked to. Click on F5 - SEARCH AN ALREADY EXISTING PRODUCT to create a link with a product that already exists in the database. If the product is not yet registered on your Nex, click on F4 - REGISTER AS A NEW PRODUCT.

Nex itself may suggest a product that is already registered in its system on some occasions. In these cases, if you consider that the suggestion is adequate, just click on F3 - ACCEPT SUGGESTION.

IMPORTANT: if you need to register the product, it is important NOT to FILL IN THE STOCK FIELD. The entry being made will automatically update the stock at the end of the process, adding the note units to the stock. If you fill in this field in the product registration, the stock will be duplicated, causing divergence.

10. If the CORRESPONDING PRODUCT doesn't have a unit of measure registered, it will be necessary to register it by clicking on REGISTER UNIT.

11. Insert the corresponding UNIT OF MEASURE to convert.

12. After completing the process for all products, click on FINISH!

11. Check the information on the screen and click on SAVE (F2).

D3ne! The transfer between stores stock entry has been carried out.

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