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How to configure the product to not control stock

See how to configure Nex not to control product stock.


  • This feature is available only for Premium plan users. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • The amount of stock will always be zero, even if sales or purchase transactions are registered in Nex.
  • If you want to configure not to control the stock of all registered products, our Technical Support Team performs this configuration at once for the entire list of products. Contact our support team here.

Shall we configure the product to not control stock?

1. On the Products screen, access the ITEMS tab.

2. Identify the PRODUCT you want to configure and click on EDIT - F2.

3. Click on the STOCK CONTROL button to disable the stock.

With the button disabled, the Current Stock and Stock Limits fields will be inactive.

4. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! You have configured your product to not control its stock.

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