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How to generate the sales price by markup percentage

See how you can generate the sales price based on the cost price through markup percentage.

What is the markup?

The markup is a percentage (%) used to calculate the sale price automatically, that is, it is the percentage that will be added to the cost price. A markup of 10% indicates that the selling price will correspond to 110% of the cost price. For example, if the product costs 100 reais, with a 10% markup, its selling price will be 110 reais.

Shall we learn how to generate the product's selling price using the markup?

1. When registering a product, fill in the COST PRICE field.

See here how to register a product.

2. Check the AUTOMATIC option next to the sales price field.

3. In the MARKUP field, enter the markup for the product.

The Markup is informed in percentage, this will be added to the COST PRICE to automatically generate the SALES PRICE. See here how to set the DEFAULT MARKUP.

4. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! The sales price of your product was defined according to the markup and cost price.

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