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Exchanges, Returns, and Refunds

Learn how to process product exchange or returns and how to issue refunds

Processing returns and exchanges are part of the business routine and a crucial chance to offer top-notch customer service. In order to do that, you'll need maximum flexibility and efficiency offered by Nextar POS Software.


An Exchange is a two-steps process of returning the product to your NEX system and them creating a new sale for the product exchanged.
At the end of this tutorial, we’ll explain more about it.

Let’s make an Exchange/Return together?

1. Inside your Sales screen, press the Change or Return button.

2. Search for the sale you would like to exchange or return the products and press Next.

You can search for the sale using the TRANSACTION NUMBER, the CUSTOMER who it’s linked too, the DATE it was registered or by the PRODUCT sold!

2.1. You can verify the TRANSACTION NUMBER on the Sales screen, using the column NUMBER. Another way would be using the Sale Receipt.

You can also find this information on the Register screen, using the Transaction # column.

3. Select the Sale you would like to Exchange/Return and press Next.

4. Checkmark the products you would like to Return and click on Next.

5. If the sale has more quantity of the product you’re returning, inform how many will be returned.

Select the returning method to give back to your customer.

The option 1. Save change as store credit will allow you to add this amount to your customer’s account and this won’t be deducted from your current register.

The option 2. Return paid amount will deduct from the current register and you’ll need to select the payment method so it can deduct accordingly.

After selecting the payment method, press Next.

6. You can also add Comments (notes) in the field shown below. After that, press Next.

7. If necessary, checkmark the option to inform the Shipping Company and select the Shipping Company and press Next.

If you don’t need to input this information, go straight to step 8.

7.2. Enter the Delivery or Shipping Fee and press Finish.

8. Click on Finish, one last time.

 All done! Your Return was successfully completed.

Exchanges. How to?


1.   Return the product using Exchange/Return.

2.   Make a new sale for the product exchanged.

If you need to register an exchange, first process the return of the product. After that, you can register the new sale of the product exchanged, if the amount exchanged was saved as store credit, it will be necessary to select the Store credit to be used on the new sale. In case you returned the paid amount, you can just go ahead with charging the new sale of this exchanged item.

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