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Online Catalog

How to activate and configure the Online Catalog

See how to create an Online Catalog of your products registered on Nex and spread it to your customers.


Shall we create an online catalog of your products together?

1. Click on the ONLINE CATALOG icon.


3. Complete your Online Catalog URL (link) and click on NEXT.

4. Fill in your store's NAME and INFORMATION and click on NEXT.

If you wish, click ADD YOUR BRAND to add the store's logo to the online catalog.

5. Enter the store's ADDRESS and click on NEXT.

6. If you want to activate the Online Order, check the option ACCEPTORDERS VIA ONLINE CATALOG. Then fill in the WHATSAPP, PICKUP ADDRESS and DELIVERY information, then click PUBLISH.

7. Click on FINISH.

This will be the link to access your Online Catalog.

8. Click on ONLINE CATALOG to change the status of your online catalog between on and off.

This option also works individually for each product online publication.

9. If you want to add more information about your products, click on ADD DESCRIPTION.

10. Click on the square that says "+ PICTURE" to place a photo of your product.

11. Click on WEBPAGE to access your Online Catalog page on the browser.

Done! Now, you can share your Online Catalog with your customers.

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