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How to set up payment instructions for Online Catalog orders

See how to set up payment instructions for online orders in the Online Catalog.


  • The Online Catalog is available from version C460 onwards. See here how to update your Nex.
  • Online order is available starting with version 473 and for Program subscribers. Find out more about our plans.
  • Nex will not process payment transactions. This feature allows the customer to simply select the payment method they will use to pay for the online order.

Shall we set up payment instructions for orders placed in the online catalog together?

1. Click on the ONLINE CATALOG icon.


3. Provide PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS to your customer and insert a MESSAGE to the customer, if you wish.

Currently, Nex does not process payment transactions directly through the online catalog.

4. Click on SAVE.

Done! You have learned how to configure the payment methods accepted in your Online Catalog. Now the customer will be able to select the payment method when placing the order and you will know when you need to take the card machine or the amount of change needed.

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